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About Long Point Studio, publishers of the Provincetown Art Guide

Named after Long Point Lighthouse, for hundreds of years a beacon to sailors and a muse to artists living on the outermost edge of Cape Cod, our studio was established to showcase the talents of the many artists in Provincetown, Mass., the oldest continuous art colony in America.

We create art-related publications such as artist monographs, gallery brochures, and the annual Provincetown Art Guide, provide design and editorial services to artists and galleries, and offer elegant and artful gifts like calendars and note cards celebrating Provincetown, Cape Cod and the many talented artists living here today.

We are an artist-run company, serving artists and arts businesses. Our goal is to create work of exceptional quality, creativity, innovation and vision.

Long Point is not just a company but also a place and a state of mind.

FOUNDER Patricia Zur
A washashore who fell madly in love with Provincetown and never looked back, Patricia worked in several capacities within the Provincetown arts community for eight years. In 2003, she founded Long Point Studio to meet a perceived need for quality editorial and design services for artists and their representatives at affordable rates. Prior to moving to Provincetown, she hustled in broadcast television for 14 years as a producer, director and writer for PBS, CBS, ABC, and International television. She got some Emmy nominations (and migraines) along the way. She is a published freelance writer who has worked as a publicity assistant at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, an editor at Gralla Publications in New York City and an arts editor and photographer for LIP (Life in Provincetown) Magazine.

Patricia served as editor and design consultant for the 2002-2003 Provincetown Pocket Book (which featured a unique 60-page literary supplement entitled Is Paradise Lost?), and created and designed (with her Long Point Studio design partner, Marisa Chrystene) the first full-color Provincetown Gallery Guide in 2003. In 2004, she launched Provincetown Art Guide with fine dining and the web site, an annual comprehensive index to the many, varied resources within Provincetown's historic arts community.

Patricia currently serves as the publisher, art director and editor on the Art Guide and all related print projects produced by Long Point Studio. She is also an independent filmmaker and artist, whose paintings and etchings have been represented in several juried shows at the Provincetown Art Association and Museum.

GRAPHIC DESIGNER Michelle Mikulski
Michelle Mikulski is a 2002 graduate of Kendall College of Art & Design in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She has worked as a graphic designer for Los Angeles Magazine in California and Axis Creative in Troy, Michigan. She currently works as a freelance designer in addition to raising her family in North Branch, Michigan. Michelle has been the graphic designer for Provincetown ART GUIDE since 2016.
ORIGINAL(2004) DESIGN by Marisa McMurtrie of Accent Design & Print Services
As the co-founder of Art Guide, Marisa was its senior graphic designer and head production manager from its inception. Utilizing her years of experience in the design, print, and publishing industries, she was responsible for the advertising design and book design, as well as the production and print management for the first years of the Art Guide.
ORIGINAL (2004) CODING by Ben Frey
Ben has worked in the Information Technology field for many years, contributing to and leading projects of a wide variety and scope. A self-taught, self-styled 'computer geek' and technology enthusiast, his experience ranges from designing and building personal computers to maintaining large proprietary UNIX systems, to database administration and web based application design and development, desktop application programming, network security implementation, and even working with PBX telephone systems. Adopting the 'Jack-of-all-trades, master of none' philosophy early in his technology career, Ben has used his acquired skills to start two independent Information Technology ventures, as well as performing consulting services for several national and international corporations. His bio, like his life, is a work in progress.