“As an artist and gallery owner, color and presentation are critical and the Art Guide more than met my expectations. It was also the most reliable and highest quality publication I worked with.”

Johniene Papandreas ~ Gallery Voyeur

“Provincetown Art Guide was the book of choice among my customers. I received many referrals from people who had seen artist ads and had many individuals come in from guest houses with books in hand.”

James Lyman ~ Lyman-Eyer Gallery

“Last year, my ads paid for themselves in two weeks. This year my ad paid for itself the same day the books came out when a customer pointed out the painting featured in the current edition and bought it immediately.”

Thanassi Kuliopolus ~ Thanassi Gallery

“You have a wonderful guide which is definitely up to par with the standards our client would like to maintain. Your guide has inspired me to spend some time in Provincetown!”

Eve Messing - Marketing Consultant, Nantucket, MA

“I received more than one phone call from buyers looking to purchase pieces featured in the booklet.”

Michael Carroll - The Schoolhouse Galleries

“It's a great gift for people who come to Provincetown. You know that those who pick up this guide are planning to spend time with it as well as taking it home as a wonderful souvenir.”

Thomas Antonelli - Antonelli Giardelli Gallery

“I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo honored to be a part of this amazing Guide!  Thank you for all that you are doing for us, for businesses, for the art community.  I am completely impressed by the numbers that you are reaching!

Pat Mattina – Artist

“Martha Stewart's neighbor in Westport, CT is giving me a 'tent show and sale' next month and then will highlight me in their annual designer house (or hang me, i should say).  And all because this woman has a friend who knows she wants to open a gallery in Westport and gave her a copy of, you got where this is going now?--your lovely guide.  Who says it doesn't pay to advertise?

Michael Moss - Artist


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