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Nancy Whorf, Winter Lavender Sky
Some kids in town went to Miss Fannies Kindergarten, but that cost money, so mom taught us our alphabet and colors, herself... Mom would sit me down with a piece of paper and crayons. ...She showed me how you can glean a clear and clean piece of paper from the first inside pages of a book. This is sacrilege to book lovers to be sure but essential to an artist who can’t afford a piece of clean unlined drawing paper.

From the time I could see, I studied my mother painting and sculpting in wood or wax. I loved to listen to her sing, which she often did when she worked. My mother’s hands plying her craft were such a part of who I was, that often I became one with her hands when watching them work.

My mother’s life as a painter has been my inspiration to paint. Her appreciation for beauty, and her fervor to live life unrestrained, left impressions that etched deeply who I am. She embraced her bohemian lifestyle and disregarded material wealth in favor of pursuing a goal of expressing an honest interpretation of the world through her creative talents.

Nancy Whorf, The Berry PickerI understand that art never needs to apologize and that love is painful at best. Each day there is less and less of the woman I remember. The vibrant, outspoken, talented painter is now her history, though her humor never ceases to amaze me. ...I don’t think I will ever be able to say goodbye to my mother. She hates to say goodbye and so do I. It’s so final. I will just tell her, "I’ll see you later Ma," and leave it at that.

Julia Whorf Kelly is an artist whose work can be seen at the Gail Browne Gallery in Provincetown.

TOP: Nancy Whorf, Winter Lavender Sky, oil on canvas
LEFT: Nancy Whorf, The Berry Picker, oil on canvas