July 2007 Event & Exhibit Highlights

Ernden Fine Art Gallery
Mixed Media Paintings by Jessie Morgan & Linda Bond

7/13 - 7/25
Opening reception Friday, July 13, 7-9 PM

Morgan 615 mixed media on canvas 30X30
Jessie Morgan finds her imagery in the process of painting itself. Under the sensual influence of nature, its textures and colors and rhythms, Morgan begins by laying down an elemental surface giving in to its innate clumps and crannies. Working in communication with that terrain, she applies layers of paint, sometimes adding charcoal and pencil, in a thin scrim, a transparent membrane that builds organically allowing light to pass partially through it, rather like frosted glass, or skin, giving nourishment to the deeper layers. That light, returning, transmits the richly hued message of those deeper layers to the surface. Looking at these paintings, one feels the depth of nature, human and geological, moving in waves, like rolling hills, the breathing in and out, nature's tapestry, the building up and breaking down that accompanies every living moment. And one is reminded, too, of the trial and error of nature, of fate, of Art.

Writes reviewer Joanne Silver in The Boston Herald, ".this layer is not an opaque shield, but a flickering veil of luminous color. Multiple coats of paint have been built up and scraped off until the final abstraction attains the misty shimmer of light on water. Dots of color pool and break up to expose previous tones undulating just below the surface. Pale blues dance over reds and yellows. Ochre meanders over shallow ridges. Snowy clouds drift like fog on a ground of golden veins."

For Morgan, the process is a meditative experience both inducing different states of awareness and representing that experience visually. I work to create a sense of mystery and clarity, intensity and vastness. For me, painting is an active process of give and take and exciting discovery. It is a way of looking to see and understanding the rhythm of change. I am not attempting to represent a singular view; instead I am creating a new entity which is a compilation of these observations and experiences.

Cate McQuaid in The Boston Globe describes Morgan's paintings as ".dense and alluring, like stratified waterfalls of color. Each is a rippled veil through which we glimpse other colors, other worlds...Her tones, and the way they interact, set up particular reactions: vulnerability or energy."

Morgan received her BFA from Tufts University and later a Diploma from the Museum School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. She has exhibited throughout New England. This is Morgan's first exhibition at ERNDEN Fine Art Gallery. We welcome her to the gallery, and are very pleased to introduce this exciting and original work to our collectors.
Bond, Water 7, 2007, oil on wood on panel, 18X18
Linda Bond lives in the world, observes the world's beauty and tragedy, and understands the interdependent connection between nature and human. Her art is her response to the deeply troubling crossroads between development and destruction, to the endless roll of images of the suffering passing in front of us, desensitizing us to the residual disastrous effects of our choices. Making her richly colored mixed media paintings makes her more connected. It isn't so much about having a political agenda, rather more about her own practice of compassion.

Often, Bond's paintings are inspired by the current news media. But she moves beyond the specific event, creating an iconic representation of the larger meaning. "It's a kind of stand-in representation of something that is bigger than the particular moment the image comes from," she says. Her interest in Buddhism plays a role in how she translates her awareness of suffering.

Bond illuminates her current series of Water pieces: "The hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis and mudslides of 2005 were a curious parallel to the ongoing tragedies of war in the Middle East. Are these events solely natural disasters, the result of human activity, or a mix of the two? In early 2006 I began a series of oil paintings, edited details of appropriated newspaper images, which combine representation with abstraction, and juxtapose the beauty of nature with its devastation. Most recently, my focus has been on the extreme conditions of flood and drought in many parts of the world as our global environment reacts to warming trends. I set up visual contrast and tension in the paintings, not only with the formal elements of each image, but also with the viewer's response to the content. My motivation is more spiritual than political as I attempt to present complex issues with equanimity. "

Bond, who received her Painting MFA from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, and now teaches painting and drawing in the Communications Design program at Mass Art. She was awarded a Fellowship at the Fine Arts Work Center in 1978 and continues her connection there as faculty in the summer program and a returning resident Fellow each spring. She has exhibited at Danforth Museum, Fitchburg Art Museum, Attleboro Museum, Provincetown Art Association and Museum, Corcoran Gallery, Bernard Toale Gallery, Silas-Kenyon Gallery, Barton Ryan Gallery, Episcopal Divinity School, Loomis Chaffee School, Franklin Pierce College, and Smith College, among others. She will exhibit next fall at the Art Complex Museum in Duxbury.
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