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ad for Golden Horn, handmade antique Turkish patchwork rugs

clay plate and folded vessels by Chris Parris
clay plate and folded vessels
Chris Parris
Dock View Gallery
349 Commercial St.

I love clay. When wet, it can be formed in endless ways. During the throwing process I fold delicate thin edges to discover new functional forms that express simplicity, freshness, strength, and fluidity.

Sun with Rondel, stained glass by Edel Byrne
Sun with Rondel stained glass
Edel Byrne
The Glass Gazebo
174 Commercial St.

Bold departures from the traditional, Edel's signature style is the use of what she refers to as "lace leadwork." Each unique piece reflects a medieval style, springing from her Celtic heritage.

Purple Lady, by Donna Mahan
Purple Lady 20" x 17"
Donna Mahan
Donna Mahan Studios
446 Rt. 6, North Truro
Cortile Gallery
Trees Place, Orleans
Edgartown Scrimshaw Gallery, Edgartown

Donna is a sculptor using glass and found treasures.

handmade leather bag by Victor Powell
handmade leather bag
Victor Powell
Victor Powell Workshop
323 Commercial St.

Working with Old World techniques, Victor Powell creates contemporary handmade custom sandals, bags, accessories, and leather sculpture. Come watch Victor at work in his studio. Open daily except Tuesdays, 10-5.

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