Provincetown Art Guide with fine dining 2008 fifth anniversary edition


With Vinegar or Lemon by Vivian Dickson
With Vinegar or Lemon
pastel 12"x12"


I paint because I love using my imagination to interpret life and light with color and texture. Pushing paint around and painting with pastel gives me the good feeling of being in the zone. The pure pigment of oil and pastel allows me to achieve the brilliant color I observe.

Studio: 508-237-1114


Explorations of creative possibilities in memory and recollection. Paintings on wood, monotypes and handmade papers compliment each other. Their reality is not as expected. Insteadówavering lines that could be horizons, bands of unlikely colors, skies that are not skies. If they seem familiar, it is because they reveal the sum of experiences.

Kobalt Gallery

Shore Lines no 7 by Mona Dukess
Shore Lines #7