Provincetown Art Guide with fine dining 2008 fifth anniversary edition


antiques & collectibles

Marine Specialties

From vintage party frocks to wooden spindles, antique snowshoes to Russian rubber gas masks and British Naval peacoats, Marine Specialties has been a collectors’ mecca for over 45 years. Senior owner Bob Patrick’s yearly trips to international locales net him several container loads of military surplus: from European mess kits featuring breadboards and corkscrews to French wool capes and Swiss mule saddles.

235 Commercial Street, 508.487.1730

Small Pleasures

Open since 1972, this elegant little shop specializing in antique and estate silver, gold, and platinum has catered to an old guard clientele and continues to attract new converts daily. Virginia McKenna, its personable owner, offers a keen sense of humor combined with an expert knowledge of vintage jewelry and objects.

359 Commercial Street, 508.487.3712