Provincetown Art Guide with fine dining 2008 fifth anniversary edition


Clibbon Gallery

The Clibbon Gallery features the photography and etchings of Robert Clibbon and the oil pastels of Melyssa Bearse. Run by the artists themselves, this summer gallery has flourished in Provincetown for 30 years. Melyssa’s creative pastels feature vases, flowers and even chickens arranged in tasteful and unusual designs. Robert’s panoramic photos of Provincetown reveal a deep love of our wonderful surroundings. Meet the artists!

120 Commercial Street
open 10-5

Hen and Fruit by Melyssa Bearse
Melyssa Bearse Hen & Fruit
oil pastel
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Clibbon Gallery, Provincetown, Featuring the etchings & panoramic photographs of Provincetown by Robert Clibbon & the oil pastels of Melyssa Bearse