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painting by Robert M. Adamcik
Loggerheads mixed media 12" x 12"
Robert M. Adamcik
Lyman-Eyer Gallery
432 Commercial St.

Rob Adamcik continues to explore the world as seen through the eyes and heart of the gay everyman. Using an assortment of materials, he creates a layered dreamscape merging the inner perception of the outer reality.

Clouds, Chuck Anzalone
Clouds oil on canvas
18" x 18"
Chuck Anzalone
Lyman-Eyer Gallery 432 Commercial St.

Inspired by the hidden paths and water lily-covered ponds of Provincetown’s Beech Forest, my new work focuses on the beauty of nature in my favorite local places. With each painting I learn something new.

Heather Bruce
Julie Heller Gallery

Shells and Water Paintings. Show at Julie Heller East, 465 Commercial Street, July 2-15, 2010.

Oyster no. 2, Heather Bruce
Oyster no. 2 oil on board 7" x 8"
Ilene Charles
Charles-Baltivik Gallery
432 Commercial St.

A strong and vibrant color palette characterizes this artist’s powerful, semi-abstract works full of lyricism. See a brand new 2010 series of bold and exciting encaustic works.

Blue, Ilene Charles
Blue encaustic-mixed media 12" x 12"
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