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Provincetown, Peter Clemons
Provincetown gouache
Peter Clemons
Backshore Gallery
394 Commercial St.

Come by the Backshore Gallery and see what a little color can do. Gouache (watercolor) originals, limited edition giclée prints and a growing collection of Peter’s popular signed posters.

Dragon Flowers, Jack Delmond
Dragon Flowers acrylic on canvas 14" x 11"
Jack Delmond
Charles-Baltivik Gallery
432 Commercial St.
Yesterday’s Treasures
176 Commercial St.

In true Gemini fashion the work is diverse: from tranquil P’town impressions to lively abstracts. Colors are saturated and the feel is retro.

Dakota De Smet
Art by Dakota

This artist has happily ignored the advice of experts to find a "niche." Her diverse abstract and representational oils include still lifes and sky/ seascapes. Exhibit: Cultural Center of Cape Cod, S. Yarmouth, 7/13-7/26. Rec.7/16, 5-7pm.

Sea Lavender, Dakota De Smet
Sea Lavender oil on canvas 9" x 12"
Vivian Dickson
Studio: 508.237.1114

This painting is what I call a "mini" of a nude. Sometimes I just feel like doing small little paintings. Pushing the paint around in a small area—using brushes, palette knife, or my fingers— presents lots of problems to be solved. It is challenging and fun and that’s what it is all about for me.

End of Day, Vivian Dickson
End of Day oil 7" x 5"
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Robert M. Adamcik
Kimberlee Alemian
Franny Andahazy
Chuck Anzalone
Peter Batchelder
João de Brito
Heather Bruce
Robert Cardinal
Ilene Charles
Kay Knight Clarke
John Clayton
Peter Clemons
Den Coelho
Cortile Artist Studios
Ciro Cozzi
Art by Dakota
Jack Delmond
Vivian Dickson
Gail Fields
A. Paul Filiberto
E. Gibbons
Jo Hay
Mary Styer Holton
Pam Hudson
Francine Huot
Julia Whorf Kelly
Elizabeth Lazeren
Marie-Danielle Leblanc
Rob Longley
Joey Mars
Cherie Mittenthal
Michael Moss
Jeannie Motherwell
Cynthia Packard Gallery
Adam Peck
Christopher W.A. Pothier
Michael Prodanou
Angela Russo
Janis H. Sanders
Ann Scott
Robert Sherer
Dee Shippelhute
Helen Shulman
Brenda Silva
Catherine Skowron
Kathryn Lee Smith
Joanlee Stassi
Charles Tersolo
Anthony Tomaselli
Carla Winterbottom
Laurence Young
David Zerba

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